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AGIA Marketing developed this Media Kit with various informational components regarding products your members can take advantage of with the ACA Member Benefit Program. The Media Kit is designed to increase overall awareness about the products offered without getting too specific.


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Please download each item and use the contents as is, and provide all final content to AGIA Marketing for proofing and approval. Revisions to the content without approval are prohibited. Final Review comments are appreciated on or before 6/14/19.


Questions? Please contact your AGIA Marketing contact for help.

2019 Media Kit Tabbed Product Details


The educational Ebook presents a generic description of each product of the ACA Member Benefit Program and how it can benefit your membership. The fictional storyline captures the people of Welltown and how the products helped them feel secure.


Recommendation: Allow this Ebook to be downloadable for members on your website, electronically distribute, or you may print and distribute to members at events or conventions. If you provide a New Member Welcome Kit, feel free to include the Ebook so the new member can immediately be interested and informed about products available through their ACA membership.


Please note all watermarks on graphics will be removed after official review to confirm no changes need to be made.


Print Ads


All Products Ads

The All Products Advertisement is a visual representation to display all products offered through the ACA Member Benefit Program. It will be available for print distribution in full and half page sizes


Recommendation: Feature these ads in your publications, or use as a ACA Member Benefit Program flyer at events.



These newsletters provide tips to help your members live a healthy lifestyle and be financially successful. These tips on living a better lifestyle and being financially successful are not product specific, however there is a link at the bottom of the newsletters where members can visit the ACA Member Benefit Program website for benefits that can continue to help with their well-being and peace of mind.


Recommendation: Send these newsletters out once a year each. We suggest sending the Healthy Living Tips at the beginning of the year since that is when most people are likely to improve their lifestyle habits. The Financial Tips newsletter can be sent out towards the end of summer for when summer vacations are wrapping up. Please see the Media Kit Calendar for more details.


Healthy Newsletter Subject Line: ACA Healthy Lifestyle Tips Newsletter

Financial Tip Newsletter Subject Line: ACA Financial Tips Newsletter


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Digital Ads



The digital ads are designed to highlight the ACA Member Benefit Program in two different size ratios, depending on your preference for ad placement. There are two digital ad sizes that will direct the member to the Media Kit eBook and another two digital ad sizes that will direct members to the ACA Member Benefit Program website. Please feel free to tell us if you need an adjustment to the sizes of the ads.


Recommendation: Place these digital ads on your website, in digital newsletters, and any other digital space you might utilize to spread awareness about the program.


Digital Ads to Website:



Digitals Ad to Ebook:


Social Blurbs


These social posts are specific to each product and link directly to the product page. These are available to post on your choice of social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.


Marketplace Email

The Marketplace Email highlights all products offered through ACA Member Benefit Program. Members will be able to click on each product to learn more and enroll/apply. This is a great tool to utilize if you have not connected with members recently and want to remind them of the benefits that are available to them.


Recommendation: Deploy this email at the beginning of the year when most people are thinking about renewing and/or adding coverage, before the summer when members are traveling, and in early fall before the holidays. Please see Media Kit Calendar for more details on recommended months.


Marketplace Subject Line: ACABenefits Available to You!  


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2019 Media Kit Calendar


This is our recommended calendar for distributing components in the Media Kit.