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American Chiropractic Association
Options that are right for you

Whether you are looking for additional coverage or accident and emergency protection, our affordable programs offer coverage to fit your needs. Make the most of your membership with these benefits and insurance plans that are available to you as an ACA member.

ACA group Accidental death & dismemberment insurance plan

Accident Protection

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death in our nation, according to the National Safety Council1.Today, you can help protect your family with the valuable ACA Accident Plan.

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Emergency Assistance Plus

Emergency Assistance Plus


What would you do if you or your family needed emergency medical assistance during a road trip or family vacation? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling across the country or across the world, if you have a medical emergency, Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) gives you peace of mind with 24-hour emergency assistance.

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long term care

Long Term Care


Do you worry about paying for nursing home or home health care if you need it down the road? Many Americans do. But you can lay that fear to rest – and stay more in control of your health care decisions – with long term care plans through LTCR.

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aca group term life insurance plan

Group Term Life


Some experts believe...Your life insurance should equal 5 to 10 times your annual income2. You could need even more coverage if you have financial commitments, special needs or a young family. As an ACA member under age 65, you have access to the ACA Group Term Life Plan

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ACA GROUP 10-Year Level Term Life insurance Plan

10 Year Level Term Life


Now you get access to budget-friendly, high-quality life coverage as an ACA Member, under age 65. Lock in the same rates for the first 10 full years of your plan and level amounts of insurance for the life of your coverage with the ACA Group 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance Plan.

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MetLife Auto & Home®

MetLife Auto & HomeŽ

With MetLife Auto & Home® You Can:

  • Take advantage of group discounts
  • Receive a discount for bank account deduction
  • Save more with our Multi-Policy Discounts
  • Choose from a variety of insurance policies to meet your coverage needs
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1 National Safety Council. Injury Facts, 2018. Preventable Deaths.
2 LIMRA. Facts about Life Insurance, 2017.
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