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We spend time, effort and money learning for a career and then building it. So the money we earn represents more than just payment for the hours we spend each day on the job. It’s to our advantage to handle our financial side of life with the care it deserves. Spend some time discovering good ways to save and plan, and you’re investing in your own future … wisely.

Susan Roe, Publisher


Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank

It’s not always easy to save. But there are some tips that can help you set foot in the right direction.

  1. Know Thyself
    1. To save more, categorize your three ways of spending: Official, Needs and Wants. Official costs are out of your control and include income tax. Needed items include food. Wants bring you joy. Official and Needed items are somewhat predictable. Think about what you might want after retirement. If it's travel, now is the time to prepare.
  1. Stamp Your Debt Down
    1. Look for opportunities to transfer your debt to a zero-interest card. This brings two benefits if you keep the card in a drawer: Enjoy zero interest while you’re making a dent in your debt, and you will be given a timeframe (usually 12 to 18 months). Watch the months carefully, and be ready to move along with your debt … or have it paid off.
  2. Take Care of Yourself
    1. Set up an auto-deduction from your paycheck, even a small amount, and it will add up easily. Also, give up unhealthful products like tobacco or fast food and save a bundle, including healthcare costs. Those hamburgers add up. Think of it this way: The smaller your waistline, the bigger your budget.


They say a doctor who operates on himself has a fool for a patient. The same holds true for a person who creates legal documents without professional legal expertise. There are many ways you can find a lawyer to handle your estate planning documents:

  • Ask your financial planner
  • Ask friends and family
  • Check with the Bar Association
  • Check for reviews online, such as on Yelp
Unless you have a very simple and small estate, this investment will protect what you have built and ensure that all is handled as you wish.


A lot of people fail to account for these four surprising hurdles to a safe retirement. Start planning early to fight off your retirement's Ground Floor Four:

  • Inflation. It will do you little good to save for your future based on today's cost of living. You can expect that everything from food to housing will go up in price. Be sure to pad your savings to account for higher costs.
  • Spouse. While you save, make sure your spouse is in on the plan. Couples need to keep communicating and planning together so that no one is shocked by surprise debts later on.
  • Health Expenses. Everyone expects to grow old with some discomforts, but the reality is that many experience life-threatening illnesses that can also suck the life out of your savings. Lifestyle changes, now, can save you a fortune later. But also, consider investing in MCA&F approved insurance plans to help you control your costs throughout your life stages.
  • Travel Expenses. Some seniors work part-time in order to fund vacations. Others find inexpensive ways to see the world. Help yourself by saving early. Be sure to monitor your savings and income to make sure you're not giving up money you need to buy things you want.



Dollars and Sense

Money management is a lifelong challenge for a lot of people. The tips offered above will help you gain control of your financial situation, so you can ultimately take more control of your life. The most important steps you can take are to manage your savings, prepare for retirement, and handle your estate planning. Now that you know what to do, you can look forward to a happy, healthy and secure future.

With these tips on managing your finances and preparing for retirement, go check out the ACA Member Benefit Program website for benefits that can continue to help with your finances and peace of mind.

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